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Pegasus Advisory and HR is pleased to introduce our Managing Director, Tracey Mc Creadie. With years of experience in the HR industry, Tracey is committed to providing top-quality HR services that help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals.

Tracey is a strong communicator who excels at motivating teams and building strategic working relationships across different levels and cultures. Her passion for problem-solving and negotiation makes her well-suited to help businesses navigate complex HR challenges.

Tracey has an excellent knowledge of human resources best practices, as well as a strong understanding of employment conditions and labor relations regulations. With her experience managing large budgets and driving productivity, she is well-equipped to help businesses streamline their HR processes and achieve their organizational goals.

Tracey prioritizes performance management as a daily task and emphasizes the importance of feedback at all levels. She recognizes the value of the voice of the employee in improving service to customers and reviewing processes.

With experience managing diverse teams across different skill sets and geographies, Tracey is well-prepared to help businesses implement change management strategies and drive systemic team coaching.

Pegasus Advisory and HR values resilience, tenacity, and a willingness to take on new challenges, all of which Tracey embodies. We are proud to have her leading our team and working alongside our clients to help them achieve HR success.

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